brief sheet

By all means, please don’t keep it brief! The more detailed - the better.

If you are unsure of any questions or have further queries please don’t hesitate to contact me at I’m more than happy to work through the brief with you.

Date Phone
Business name Fax
Contact Email

What does your business/organisation do?
Note: It is best to assume that I know nothing about your company. Please be clear, concise and avoid industry jargon. Talk about who you are and what you do.

Project description 
Note: What is the project, and reasons for it.

Deliverables and specifications
Note: What design service items are you after, i.e. logo, brochure, and poster...
Please supply sizes and quantities, and any other useful specifications. How is it going to be printed/used? i.e. the web, on a banner, a car, brochures…

Your objectives 
Note: Let me know what is your overall goal, what are you trying to communicate, achieve and why? Do you want to reinvent yourself or are you simply rejuvenating/updating. Supply of old and existing material is also of great assistance to the designer.

Who is your target market?
Note: If you have a broad target market, rank your audience in terms of importance. What are their demographics and psychographics? This is age, gender, tastes, views, attitude, lifestyle, employment, income, and geography.

Personality/benchmark/look and feel 
Note: What is the overall personality of the project. What colours, style, attitude and response do you want to evoke. If possible, provide examples of what you consider to be effective or relevant to your project. This also helps set a benchmark with creative and quoting.

Mandatory items
Note: What items need to be included in the project, and who will be supplying them? i.e. logos, copy, images, diagrams, style guided branding elements…

Timeframe and completion date 
Note: Please supply a schedule of the project milestones from start date, preferred supply of concept/first draft and completion date. If ASAP and urgently are put down, and the job is substantial I will quote accordingly at a higher fee i.e. priority rate